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Tantra, Bondassage, Elysium & More 

I’m a Certified Practitioner in Tantra, Bondassage™, and Elysium™.

Bondassage™ and Elysium™ are a new and ground-breaking combination of bondage and massage.

Tantra, on the other hand, is rooted in the ancient, divine, and spiritual.

I’d love to introduce you to one or more of these intensely pleasurable, erotic practices. Let’s go deeper into each one. I’ll also fill you in on my other stimulating offerings.



Allow me to take you on a transcendental, healing, sacred journey where the final destination is bliss.

In this Hindu and Buddhist-derived practice, you’ll feel your energy moving through your body’s chakras as your sexual self aligns with the other aspects of your being.

I’ll bring you to the edge over and over again. You’ll learn how to control physical release, reaching a peak then cooling down to a plateau before peaking again.

Breath work is one technique that can help you achieve this. I’ll show you how. I also incorporate Thai stretching techniques into my sessions.  

Maybe you’d like to remain in this state of prolonged rapture. Or maybe you’ll choose a freeing, explosive climax. Either way, I’ll teach you to unite body, mind, and spirit. The end result is joy, peace, enlightenment, and satisfaction.



Through Bondassage™, an innovative combination of bondage and massage, you’ll discover the intense, primal power that comes from letting go and submitting to sensation.


Leave your worries behind while we explore your boundaries and expand your sexual repertoire.

Light bondage, sensory deprivation, esoteric bodywork, and sensation play are all on the menu. You’ll learn new techniques and discover previously-untapped erogenous zones.

The teasing tickle of a feather. The light sting of a spanking. The wet heat of hot wax. The soothing softness of fur.

Whether you’re a worldly BDSM adventurer looking to explore fresh terrain or a newcomer seeking a safe, gentle, comfortable introduction to sensual domination, I’ll take you on a trip you’ll never forget.

Together, we’ll create a Bondassage™ session that fulfills your every fantasy.



Elysium™ is a slower, softer version of Bondassage™, also focused on sensation play but less intense and more relaxed.


 Imagine my soothing hands caressing you with light, calming strokes.


Aromatic scents and tranquil music set the scene for serenity. Silky smooth restraints comfort you like little hugs around your wrists and feet.


Your nerve endings tingle as you unwind, breathe easy, and respond with pleasure to my gentle, mellow ministrations.


We’ll tailor your Elysium™ session to your needs. Together, we’ll make sure we go at just the right speed.

Other Offerings



Milking Table

Companionship, Dinner Dates, Wine Tastings

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